Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Meeting: Maria Martinez

What is your favorite part of being an event coordinator? 

Working the event!  As hard as it is to know that we will not be working with our couples after their wedding day, I love seeing everything we planned come together for the final, complete presentation. 
What made you want to be an event coordinator? 

I love seeing brides so happy on their wedding day. Knowing that I was able to put a bride’s vision together and make her day exactly what she wanted is thrilling because the day is so special for her. It’s an honor to be involved in each of our brides' wedding days.

Is there one common piece of advice you give to all brides? 

Eat on your wedding day! Nothing is worse than being hungry while you’re supposed to be enjoying your day, not to mention saying hello to your guests.

What is the one thing you love that couples include in their wedding? 

I love the personal touches each bride puts into their wedding - be it a touch in homage to their culture or family. Unique personal touches are what make each wedding entirely reflective of the couple and their life together.  

What is the biggest budget blunder you see most brides commit? 

Some brides focus too much on favors and décor for the reception rather than on the food and music. Trying to get favors, décor, and flowers at the expense of good food, a great cake and great music is a big blunder because guests and couples usually remember the latter and not so much the former.

What is the most essential tool you use to plan a wedding? 

The timeline! It helps keep everything straight and running smoothly. I can’t imagine anyone running a wedding without a detailed timeline.

What is the strangest request you’ve ever had from a couple? 

One couple released doves during the ceremony, right after the officiant announced that they were officially married. It wasn’t a logistical nightmare, but I had fears of birds flying into guests and causing chaos. By the way, did you know that doves will fly home? That saved on the bride’s return delivery cost!

Are there any unusual items you would tell brides to include in their emergency, day-of kit? 

Carry anything you use on a daily basis. Chapstick, lipgloss, Kleenex…if you use it every day, you’ll absolutely need it on your wedding day.

Do you have any pre- or post-wedding rituals? 

I’m pretty reflective after weddings and like to sit back and analyze the day. This way I learn what worked and what didn’t so that my next wedding is even better than the one I just finished.  

What aspect of a wedding could you do without?

The bouquet and garter toss. Outdated!

What was the strangest request you ever received from a couple, their family or their friends? 

It wasn’t a request, but I once had to clean up a guest after they became sick. Being a mom, it wasn’t too difficult for me to do, but it was still not my favorite happenings at one of my weddings.

What is the single most important piece/item of event design for any wedding? 

Flowers! They really set the mood and are expected and, therefore, essential for any wedding. Additionally, if the budget allows, uplighting can be very important because it can transform any space and truly make it unique to reflect the bride and groom.

What is the most difficult part of event design?  

Color matching! Determining what will look great in the space and what colors the couple likes is extremely tricky. Choosing colors requires considering the colors already in the space, the time of year, bride’s chosen color palate, photos…you name it, and it’s a factor! Trying not to overkill on design is also difficult – knowing when to stop decorating can be tricky.