Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Planning to Model

7 bags of chips
3 cups of coffee
2 cups of hot tea
5 sandwiches
4 glasses of iced tea
3 full wardrobes
2 excellent makeup artists
2 creative photographers
1 versatile hairstylist
1 very accommodating and beautiful hotel

5 wedding planners prepared for a photo shoot

First, we give a huge "Thank You!" to:

The Park Hyatt, Washington D.C.
Renee Sharrow and Michael Deltette from the Park Hyatt
Tami Cathie from Lux Studios
Marquia Kinard and Ryan Krasney from Blend
Raye Gillette and Kristie Cooper from Gillette Portrait Arts

HJ’s Photo Shoot

Last week, the HJ Planners team got together for a photo shoot.  The term “got together” extremely undermines the number of emails, scheduling shifts and changes to wardrobe plans that it took to have five ridiculously busy event coordinators together in one space at the same time. Nevertheless, when we - Heather, Maria, Courtney, Audrey and Jess – were in one room, we definitely “got together”. Not only did we work most of the time, but we shared laughs, dropped things, organized each other and worked, of course. 

Courtney and Jess with makeup artists Marquia and Ryan from Blend.

Audrey getting primped.
We girls gotta eat! 

So many clothes, so little time.
Courtney and Jess are ready to go!
Grand Poobah Heather and Tami from Luxe Studios.
Watch out Park Hyatt! HJ is on its way!
Audrey, Maria and Courtney patiently awaiting their turns.
Courtney showing off her - natural - modeling skills.

So, what was the result of all this organized, perfectly planned chaos?

First, we officially invaded the Park Hyatt's entryway.
Then, we invaded the hotel's event space,

...maintained our invasion,
...slightly misappropriated some decor,
...and goofed around while Heather didn't.
We also tested our luck on the corner of "M" Street.
And, finally, we all worked!

After all of this preparation, we unanimously decided that - although modeling is fun - we find ourselves better suited for wedding planning. 

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse of our attempts at modeling! Make sure to check out our updated website and to look for our ad in the Washingtonian Bride & Groom magazine this summer for more photos.

Want to see more photos now? Check out Gillette Portrait Arts' Blog!