Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Five: Bridesmaid Dress Colors to Avoid

One of the most fun and complicated tasks for brides is choosing their bridesmaids dresses. Not only does a bride need to consider what will coordinate with their decor and theme, but must also choose a dress that fits every maid's shape and skin tone. Of the innumerable shades available, there are five colors that tend to disappoint more than others:

  1. Peach - this shade often turns paler in photos, resulting in dresses looking nude or natural colored.
  2. Ivory - no matter how deep an ivory, the color blanches under camera lights, turning maid's dresses white.
  3. Coral - this bright color almost always washes away the distinctions in every maid's skin tone.
  4. Grey - unless a deep shade of the color, light greys easily begin to look dirty.
  5. Champagne - like ivory, this color tends mesh too well against wedding dresses.

Of course, if you love one of these five colors, don't necessarily omit it from consideration. Instead, just make sure to gather as many samples as possible and to pick the shade that you feel will show up best in photos and on your bridesmaids.