Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Meeting: Courtney Goimarac

Courtney Goimarac has a business background and creative edge that allows her to make any vision come to life. She has a dedication to detail and a passion for making your event stand out. She understands the importance of each event, and is fully devoted to making your event occur effortlessly while being beautiful.

What is your favorite part of being an event coordinator?

I love watching the event come to life from the initial concept and idea to the end product. It is a great joy to be a part of someone’s vision from the initial concept through its design and its finally coming to life.

What made you want to be an event coordinator?

As an event coordinator, I am able to use my organization and attention to detail to help others create a memorable experience. Without my help, my clients may not have been able to create exactly what they wanted for their special day.

Is there one common piece of advice you give to all brides?

Brides should enjoy the whole process from engagement to planning and the wedding. This process is the time couples have to celebrate their new life together; worrying about things like escort cards take away the fun.

What is the one thing you love that couples include in their wedding?

I love when couples include items in their wedding that are specific to them, whether it be serving their favorite pie instead of cake, having a signature cocktail named after them, or something as simple as putting their favorite candy in favor bags. These personal touches add uniqueness and personalize a wedding.

What is the most essential tool you use to plan a wedding?

Both the budget and checklist are essential to planning a wedding, but the biggest tool is really listening to what your clients want and helping them accomplish that with as much ease and joy as possible.