Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Dance Off

If you know how to do this, please teach me. 

As a fan of “The Office”, I’m very familiar with the unique processional the co-workers made down the aisle at Jim and Pam’s wedding. Therefore, although I didn’t consider a creative processional when it was my turn to walk down the aisle (such a thing was specifically forbidden by our church), I did consider a made-to-order first dance. After all, for a girl who bursts into spontaneous dances at random times, what better way was there to express my joy than through a fun first dance?

Note: my made-to-order dance never happened, but a spontaneous burst of small jumps at the end of the aisle expressed my joy just perfectly.

Many of HJ’s couples design a creative first dance as a way to express themselves, start their reception off in a purely fun mood, or to just show their stuff. However, we offer a few pieces of advice when planning such a surprise:

Make sure your wardrobe permits your wild moves.

We’re not just talking about shoes here, but also your neckline! Make sure that the things you want covered remain covered when you’re bustin’ a move. Also consider the size and weight of your bustle, the shape and length of your veil, and whether the shape of your dress allows you to move freely without risking any torn sleeves. For guys, don’t try the splits if you might actually split your pants.

Make sure your songs aren’t too over the top.

Although you love the most recent popular song, its lyrics might offend some of your older guests or be inappropriate for young children. Neutral fun songs (think “oldies but goodies”) are usually a safe bet.

Make sure your DJ or band knows what you’re doing.

The only ones who absolutely need to be in on any dancing surprise you might plan are those in charge of your music. Most likely, you’ll need to provide an already completed compilation (mix-tape!) of your songs; at the very least, you’ll need to tell your musicians what to play and when.  

Make sure the dance floor is empty.

We love the tradition of having a bridal party surround the couple as they engage in their first dance, but a couple planning on breaking into wild moves risks running into and possibly knocking those attendants over. Make sure your dance floor is empty so that your running man doesn’t actually send anyone running to the hospital.

Make sure your photographer or videographer knows what’s going on.

If you’ve taken the time to plan your special dance, it’s a no brainer to make sure that it’s caught on video or in a photo. After all, you’ll want to see if you hit all your marks, won’t you? If you’ve hired a videographer and a photographer, consider having one focus on you and the other on your guests to get a full view of not only your performance but also its reception.

Make sure your dance is YOU.

Are you comfortable dancing in public with all eyes on you? Are crazy and fun dance moves your thing? If so, go ahead and bust your move. If not, seriously consider whether you’ll have the guts to do what you planned. A good rule of advice: if either of you isn’t too thrilled with the idea, nix it.

Happy dancing!