Friday, May 31, 2013

Here ye! Here ye!

It’s here…what you’ve been waiting for…the way to get rid of wedding clutter…the way to get back some of your wedding investment…

HJ is extremely proud to announce the launch of NextWed, the premier online auction site that connects brides and grooms and allows them to sell and purchase wedding items.

Have a dozen vases of various types? Do you have no clue where you’re going to stash your ring bearer pillow or money card box? Know that someone out there would love to wear your wedding dress, veil, or even shoes?

NextWed is a marketplace for the sale and purchase of gently used and unused wedding items. Unlike other online auction sites, NextWed allows you to connect specifically with other soon-to-be wed couples, making it faster and easier to unload that dress and veil, those vases, that canopy, that…well anything from your wedding! It's difficult to find space to keep old wedding items; this is your opportunity to sell those items directly to the brides and grooms who need them.

We invite you to sell the wedding items you no longer need …flower vases, favor boxes, cuff links, ring bearer pillows, DIY projects, shoes, accessories, even your wedding dress! On NextWed, you can list anything from your Monique Lhuillier gown to those vases that cost .50¢ each. 

But this site isn’t just for couples! Former bridesmaids, listen up! NextWed is THE site to sell your old bridesmaid dresses and accessories. Why not make some other bridesmaid extremely happy by helping her save some cash on that expensive gown she must buy, and why not also make yourself extremely happy by receiving some cash back for that expensive gown you did buy?

NextWed sellers receive 80% of the sale amount of their items; NextWed buyers save up to 80% on once used or never used items.

Check out NextWed’s incredible inventory and start selling your wedding clutter today!