Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What’s in OUR Bag?

For those of you readers who don’t engage in the pastime of reading US Magazine, the publication regularly features a section titled “What’s in my bag?” in which celebrities (or celeb-wanna-be’s) dump the contents of their purse or bag and detail what it contains. Last night, after reading through one such article, I realized that HJ has such a bag.

Yes, readers, we have a communal purse.

Kidding! Instead, we have what we call the “Oh NO! Bag,” which contains a fix for every mishap or problem that could arise during one of our events. Each of us carries such a bag, and we regularly swap ideas of what to put in or remove from them based on experience.

Here are the contents of that bag:

What it contains:
  1. Paper and pens: perfect for jotting down notes, instructions or anything else. Having multiple pens in case one dries up is a must.
  2. Hairspray: useful for tucking back that stray piece of hair or removing pen marks.
  3. Brush: the lack of teeth that can snag dresses or hurt heads (flower girls) makes a brush handier than a comb.
  4. Ponytails: need to tie something together or pull back unruly hair? These are a must.
  5. Curel: you never know when dry hands are going to bother you. (Note, we recommend this brand because it’s gentle on almost all skin types. We also recommend avoiding scented lotions.)
  6. Lint roller: you might be surprised by how much lint some bridal gown and bridesmaid dress fabrics attract.
  7. Safety pins: ripped…well…anything? These will safely fix the problem. (get the joke?!)
  8. Lighter: we cannot tell you how many times we’ve lighted candles because a florist forgot matches or a lighter. In fact, we usually have two of these in our bag.
  9. Stain remover pen: pens are more specific and controllable than wipes, but wipes have carry less chance of leaking. To avoid leaking, put the pen in a plastic baggie.
  10. Advil: This medicine solves more aches and pains than Tylenol and is less likely to upset stomachs.
  11. Makeup brushes: small and compact makeup brushes can help repair makeup mishaps at the last minute.
  12. Headsets: we use these at pretty much every wedding communicate across distances (we also rely on text messages, which can travel through a clogged network easier than a phone call).
  13. First Aid kit: it’s just smart to always be ready for an emergency. Ours is filled with Band-Aids and antibacterial wipes.
  14. Sewing kit: needles, thread and even hooks have allow us to repair damage to more than one bridal gown.
  15. Removable sticky dots: perfect for affixing anything to anything (bows to pews!)

  • Nail file
  • Barrette
  • Kleenex
  • Clear nail polish
  • Mouthwash
  • Chocolate/snacks/mints
  • Contact lens saline solution
  • Scissors
  • Advil

Happy packing!

And, just because I made a delicious cake despite the fact that I’m more of a cook than baker and because I think this type of cake would be fabulous for a black and white wedding, here’s the Zebra Cake I made last night after reading US Magazine: