Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top it off!

This Saturday I had the wonderful experience of attending a fabulous wedding. I say this not only because HJ had the honor of helping plan it, but also because it was truly a very fun event!

Between 6-11 at the Park Hyatt, 39 Mariner played amazing music and danced their hearts out, guests gulped down delicious food and wine, and two newlyweds positively glowed with happiness (congrats again C & M!). Oh, and their cake positively sparkled – LITERALLY!

You see, C had designed a cake that boasted sparklers on its crown – how unique and stunning is that? Right before it was time to cut the first piece of wedding cake (with two yummy flavors, nonetheless!), five sparklers were lit and photos taken. The effect of the fireworks was that the frosting and décor on the cake glittered, making the entire three-tiered confection shine. Trust me when I say that it was more than a little gorgeous.

Many of our brides ask what they should put on the top of their cake. Traditionally, figurines of a bride and groom crowned the wedding cake. The fact that these figurines rarely resembled the actual couple and are quite uninteresting caused brides to look elsewhere for cake-top décor. The result has been the invention of a wide variety of cake toppers designed to attract the eye, polish off a usually intricate cake, and reflect the couple.

Before listing cake topper ideas, however, I am impelled to provide you with some guidance regarding selecting the perfect one.

First, beware the weight of a cake topper. A heavy topper may sink, not only ruining the effect you sought in creating the confection, but also destroying the serve- or save-ability of the first layer.

Second, beware the reflection of a cake topper. The sparklers C used were narrow enough that they didn’t affect the photographer’s shots. A topper with a highly reflective surface may pose photography problems.

Third, make sure to identify who is responsible for affixing the topper and when it is to be affixed. This may mean delivering the topper to your baker well before he or she will need to put it in place.

Here are some of our favorite toppers:
  1. Monogram
  2. Plaque with couple’s names and wedding date
  3. The word “LOVE” in one of the wedding’s main colors
  4. Animal or fruit reflecting a wedding theme
  5. Silhouettes of the couple
  6. Hearts

Now…find your topper!