Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Big Box-Store Wedding

In homage to the locations of much Fourth of July BBQ shopping, as well as the fact that the Costco parking lot I recently walked by consists of wall-to-wall cars, today we’re discussing using large, ‘box’ stores for wedding supplies.

Recently, couples have begun to turn to Costco, BJ’s and Sams for their wedding needs. On their trip, they pick up everything from flowers, cakes and crudité platters to alcohol, décor supplies and even wedding party gifts. Some couples purchase one or two items, while others stock several carts full of drinks and other items.

Sure, these stores allow for purchasing large quantities of items, often at cheaper prices. But, is this ease worthwhile?

*Caveat: for some stuff.

Here’s the skinny on stopping at Costco for your wedding supplies:

Are you supplying your own alcohol? Hit up your local box store without reserve. Not only can you buy wine, beer and sometimes even alcohol at low prices, but your store just might allow you to return any unopened bottles. With this option, you could be out very little money in the form of leftover alcohol. With having saved money in the first place on your purchase, there’s little drawback.

Seeking flowers for your big day? Consider carefully – there’s no telling what types or colors will be in stock when you shop, not to mention the flowers’ health. This means that you might not only be out of luck in terms of flower color, but that you may be unable to shop ahead of time because your purchase won’t last until your wedding day.

Do you need to feed a large group of guests? While there’s nothing wrong per se with box store food offerings, you once again can’t be too sure about its freshness. Stay clear of fish and other easily spoiled items when selecting your menu.

Looking for décor items, wedding favors or bridal party gifts? Go for it! Buying in bulk allows you to separate and create individual items from each purchase, which always helps your budget. Moreover, your dollar just might go further than it would if you purchased everything individually, meaning that you can give more without impacting your budget.

Box stores are designed to provide large amounts of products for large groups. Can you image a purpose more suited to planning a wedding?

Happy shopping, just remember that you WILL have to fit everything into your car!