Monday, April 2, 2012

I ‘WOOF’ You!

Many couples want their four-legged canine family members at their wedding. And why not? After all, their dog is just as much in love with them as they are with him. 

However, while having a canine attendant at your ceremony may be an easy decision to make, it is not as simple to execute. A few considerations before inviting Brutus to participate in your ceremony or reception:
  • Many locations – particularly churches – will not allow animals in their building. Check with the coordinator before adding Fido’s name to your programs.
  • Some of your guests may be afraid of dogs. Although you know that 11 lb. Sparkles isn’t vicious, your guests may not. Make sure that Sparkles is adequately handled at all times to avoid creating anxious guests.
  • Many dogs are unpredictable (which is one of the many reasons we love them). This means that you can’t control when Rufus is going to bark or need to use the bathroom and interrupt your ceremony.
Steps to ensure that Astro has just a great of a wedding day as you do:
  1. Designate one or more people (on a schedule) to be in charge of seeing to his needs throughout the day;
  2. Identify where he can go to the bathroom at both the ceremony and reception;
  3. Protect your reception meal by placing it out of reach of his canine teeth;
  4. Avoid his paws! They may scratch or rip delicate fabrics or veils.
Most importantly, remember that you love his antics. Don’t get upset when he doesn’t sit quietly while you recite your vows or refuses to wear the cute bow tie you had specially made just for him. And, of course, give him a big kiss for a job well done at the end of the day!

Meet Astro! Astro Augustus Bonaparte Jones is one of the best dogs in the world. 
He likes to chase squirrels, play ‘squeaky toy’ and follow his mother around the
kitchen when she cooks to snap up whatever falls on the floor!