Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rain, rain, go away…

When beginning the wedding planning process, many couples choose their wedding date based on the typical weather for the month. While a good consideration, we here at HJ Planners encourage them to look further than what the sky has to offer. 

Unless you are firmly set on having an outdoor ceremony or reception, the weather on the day of your wedding is almost irrelevant. Why? Because since the first time a caveman built a structure to protect himself from the elements – not to mention the advent of air conditioning and heating – humans have been able to manipulate their surroundings to suit their comfort. This control enables all couples to set their wedding date whenever they’d like – regardless of rain, snow, sleet or hail (trust us, the post office now operates under these conditions too, meaning that your invitations will be delivered). 

  • If you love winter, go ahead and plan your wedding in December. The fact that there may be snow on the ground is irrelevant because your wedding will be indoors.
  • If you love the beach in the summer, go ahead and plan your wedding in August. The summer heat will only add to the ambiance.
  • If you love the chilly nights of spring, go ahead and plan your wedding in March. The potential for a rain cloud or two won’t hinder your fun. 

Your guests will still attend your wedding to celebrate what you have invited them too 
regardless of what the sky is doing. 

If you’re interested in taking it one step further, consider incorporating that weather into your wedding décor. Dark greens and snowy whites can make your winter wedding’s crisp night unique; hand-held fans and iced tea served post-ceremony will cool down the most heated August wedding guest. 

…Bring on the rain…

Ignoring the time of year has another BIG benefit – lightening your expenses. In the wedding industry, there are “down months”, those months that couples deem less desirable because of what’s happening outdoors. To fill their otherwise empty calendars and venue spaces, vendors are usually more willing to negotiate and lower their prices during these months. This means that your budget can stretch further than if you married in another season. 

…Unless it's the rainy season

The weather for a destination wedding site may require a little additional thought, only because traveling to a destination implies being able to enjoy what the location has to offer. Scheduling your wedding in the off-season means that your guests cannot treat your weekend like the vacation you intended it to be, possibly leading to some grumpy guests. Therefore, thoroughly research the seasons and typical weather of your intended destination before setting the date - you and your guests will be happier being able to sit on the beach in the summer in Bermuda instead of indoors to avoid the rain in the winter. 

We’re not discounting the tradition that rain on a wedding day means a long and happy marriage. Rather, we’re encouraging you to invite that rain to pour down on you, if that’s what you want.