Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday’s Top Five: Unique Registries

Many couples already have fully stocked kitchens; some couples aren’t interested in gifts for their home. Although the traditional purpose of a wedding registry is to provide guests with a way to gift the couple presents to start their life together, this tradition might not blend (get it, blender?!) with the couple’s lifestyle.

Earlier this week we came across an article discussing unique registries. Although non-traditional registries might surprise guests, most are more than happy to give the gift that a couple really wants. Here are HJ’s top five unique registry ideas:

  1. Honeymoon registry: let your guests purchase a night out to dinner or a special spa treatment to pamper you on your honeymoon.
  2. Wine registry: many online wine retailers offer creating registries for specialty bottles, openers and glasses. Every time you clink glasses, you’ll silently thank the giver.  
  3. Charity registry: letting guests choose from multiple charities to donate to means that multiple people benefit.
  4. Cleaning and storage registry: if you’ve got all you need, use this registry to ensure that it remains organized and clean. Target or the Container Store are usually your best bet.
  5. Wish registry: rather than give gifts, this registry allows guests to provide you with wishes for your future. Letting them write their dreams and hopes for you on pretty cards or even online allows you to return to them again and again to remember the sweet thoughts that surrounded you on your wedding day. 
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