Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It’s What’s Under the Dress that Counts

Pretty lingerie for a pretty bride.
Today’s topic is one that many brides shy away from: undergarments. Yes, readers, today we’re talking about your underwear.

Okay, first, let’s get over any discomfort about the topic. For starters, everyone wears underwear, or at least they should be. Furthermore, with a few exceptions (Jennifer Lopez’s 2000 Grammy Awards green-silk Versace dress, for example), everyone wears underwear ALL THE TIME.

Trust us when we say that not wearing underwear on your wedding day is not an option.

Now, before we go any further, it’s also imperative that I point out that it’s also not an option to not wear underwear when dress shopping. Not only do bridal dress consultants rarely want to see all you have to offer, but it’s just unsanitary (who else has tried on that dress before you?). The fact that you may have an unsightly visible panty line when you finally select your dress is not enough to overcome needing to wear underpants and a bra.

The time to shop for undergarments is after you order your dress. At that point, you will know what type of fabric and dress shape you are dealing with. The fabric of your dress dictates how thick or thin your undergarments need to be, as well as whether you need a specific type of undergarment, such as Spanx. The shape of your dress dictates the style of your undergarments (e.g., halter dress = halter bra).  

There are too many types and styles of undergarments to discuss which one you need or will work best. Therefore, let’s discuss why you need undergarments.

Aside from the basic concerns of cleanliness and the protection of delicate body parts, undergarments exist so that your outfit can be shown off to the best of its ability. Every item of clothing (even a wedding dress) has a shape (yes, even “baggy” is a shape). That shape is designed with undergarments in mind, and not wearing undergarments distorts it.

Undergarments also exist so that your outfit retains its status as a focal point. Sure, YOU inside the dress are the real focal point, but your outfit is an additional focal point. This is even truer for your wedding dress – unless there is another woman wearing full-on white at your wedding (in which case, please take a photo so that I can shame her publically for her mishap on this blog). Not wearing undergarments increases the chances that your body and not you or your dress garners the most attention from your guests.

In addition to the instruction to purchase undergarments, one tip we commonly give brides is to stand outside in their dress and have a (honest) friend or family member discuss what they can see. Often, natural light may reveal that a fabric is sheerer than it appeared under a store’s halogen light bulbs. This little test has many a bride running for more covering undergarments.

If you’re unsure what undergarments you need, ask your seamstress or dress consultant. She’s likely handled the dress, or at least its fabric, before, and can tell you what to shop for. Usually, they can also tell you what to avoid.

So go ahead, purchase that slip. Not only will you be more comfortable knowing that you’re properly covered, but your dress will hang better on your frame and your grandmother will smile at the fact you’re wearing a slip. 

Whatever undergarments you choose, please remember that Madonna is the only woman who can pull this off: