Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It’s the Little Things

We’ve explained - and you’ve probably seen performed on T.V. shows – the main jobs of a wedding planner. Those tasks, however, are the big ones. What about the little things that a planner undertakes on her client’s behalf?

It’s the little things that often make a wedding memorable; it’s the little things that allow for the description of “perfect” to be ascribed to a wedding.

Often, it’s the wedding planner who takes care of the little things, and often it’s those very things that are overlooked as having been completed by the wedding planner. So, today I take some time to talk about the little things that a planner does that many brides, grooms, and guests would never know about:

Setting up your unity candle: although the wording used during your ceremony is under the control of your officiant, ceremony elements are not. Therefore, someone has to set up those unique items that you included in your ceremony. Not only does a planner set up your unity candle, but she also ensures that there’s something to light the candle.

Calling your florist for last minute items: did Uncle Paul decide during the last five minutes of your rehearsal dinner that he actually wanted to be an usher? It’s your wedding planner who calls your florist the morning of your wedding to add a boutonniere to your order to ensure he matches your other ushers.

Handing out final payments and tips: many vendors accept final payments while performing their services during your ceremony or reception. It’s your wedding planner who actually delivers the check or cash to those vendors’ hands so that they don’t stop playing music or serving cake.

Delivering tips: tipping many vendors is usual, but it’s not usually the bride and groom who deliver those tips. A wedding planner ensures that the extra cash you want to gift as a “thank you” falls into the right hands.

Corralling guests for pictures: picture-taking time can be one of the most hectic times of a wedding. It’s the one time when you need everyone’s attention, but also the one time when everyone’s so excited that nobody wants to give attention to anyone but other guests – after all, they DID just see someone very special to them get married! Your wedding planner finds those guests that you want included in photos who may have strayed from the photo-shoot location and also corrals other guests during the photos to ensure that photo time progresses smoothly and quickly.

Telling vendors when to eat: you provide some vendors with meals on the night of your wedding, but the timing of when those vendors are supposed to partake in their meal is up to you. A wedding planner tells those vendors the appropriate time to eat so that your wedding progresses smoothly. She’ll also bring dinner to your DJ behind the booth, if necessary.

Handing out programs when necessary: if your ushers don’t show up on time, your planner usually takes over the task of handing out your programs. This ensures that guests are seated in a timely manner and that your ceremony can begin on time.

Keeping transportation by your side: your photos can take longer than expected, especially if your guests decide to wander. Your planner usually ensures that your transportation stays by your side during this time so that you aren’t stuck without a way to get to your reception.

Gathering elements you forgot: did you leave special wine glasses in the bridal suite? Are the signs meant to accompany your favors buried in your luggage? It’s your planner who finds those items and ensures that they’re where they need to be.

Relighting or lighting candles: candles blow out easily, particularly when there are 100+ guests walking by them for hours on end. Your planner will help keep those candles burning bright.

Planners are invested in their client’s weddings; just like the bride and groom, she wants the wedding to be beautiful and go off without a hitch. Because of this, there are a million little tasks that planners perform on behalf of their clients – and each is performed with joy and dedication.