Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Up or Down? The Do’s and Do Not’s of Your Do.

The dress is purchased, veil ordered, shoes selected. What’s a bride to worry about next? Her hair! Although most brides have much more than just their personal appearance to plan, many spend the most time worrying about just that. We here at HJ are extremely familiar with – and in fact anticipate – the inevitable question: “What should I do with my hair?”

Let us just say that hair is, first and foremost, personal. It’s your decision about how to wear it, what to do with it and how to treat it before your wedding day. The trend that has existed for many years now is for brides to grow their hair long to wear down on their big day, but that (by no means!) is what you absolutely must do with your precious locks.

We encourage you to keep decisions about your hair personal. You can listen to what your mother, bridesmaids and fiancé have to say about what style or look would appear best on you, but let it end there. Don’t do what other people want you to do just to please them.

Why? We want you to be comfortable. If you’ve never put your hair into an updo before, don’t try one on your wedding day – you just might feel as though your head is heavy or that the style is going to fall apart. If you’ve never dyed it before, don’t get highlights five weeks before your wedding. If you always wear it curly, don’t dry it straight.

Why? We want your photos to look nice. Having an extremely different hairstyle sticks out in photos. Every time you look at your pictures, you just might end up thinking about how you tried that crazy hairstyle. Your photos might make you question whether you actually liked your hair on your wedding day, rather than remind you of the day itself.

Why? Your hair works best when it’s used to what you’re doing with it. Okay, we understand that hair isn’t a sentient being that can react to its environment, but it does conform to the demands you usually put on it and respond to its typical treatment in a more predictable way than if you tried tackling it with completely new methods. Brushing, drying, washing…keeping to your routine makes it more likely that you will like how your hair looks when you walk down the aisle.

Why? We want you to realize that your hair should reflect your dress, but not be dictated by it. Sure, certain hairstyles might suite the décor or feel of your wedding dress better than others, but your dress should not determine your hairstyle.  

Unfortunately, there’s no rule about updo hairstyles. If you like how your hair looks and feels when up and if it stays up when in an updo, go for it! However, if your hair doesn’t stay in an updo or never seems to look right, consider another style. Having it all swept to the side, half up and half down or another way may better fit your and your hair’s needs.

Although there’s no tried and true rule about hairstyles, we do have a few suggestions for you to avoid:

Yes, that's a cow's head.