Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Digital vs. Living Wedding Planners


Google “online wedding planner” and you’ll be bombarded with websites that promise to do everything from balance your budget to create a seating chart. The Knot, Wedding Wire and Wedding Channel are, perhaps, the most well-known of these online planners, but being well-known and reliable are two very different things.

Many brides try to substitute an online wedding planner for an in-person planner. Whoops! Here’s why that’s a huge mistake.

They’re Not Adaptable

Here, adaptable refers to malleability. Sure, you can change a website’s format, font or appearance, but you can’t change its organizational structure. Therefore, while you may be able to add an extra column to the offered to-do list, online planners have limits, some of which could seriously impact your planning process – server changes or crashes might mean your entire planning is gone in the blink of an eye.

They’re Not Familiar with the Area

Wedding planners know the areas in which they work. They can tell you which venue is scheduled to undergo renovations, which photographer is notorious for having a bad attitude or whether your ceremony location needs altar flowers. No matter how many third parties add to “chat” forums on an online planning website, nothing compares to first-person, experienced knowledge.

They Can’t Forestall Problems

A good planner prepares for everything; a great planner (like HJ) predicts what could become a problem in the future. Online planners help you plan, but not anticipate future hiccups. Being blindsided is never fun, particularly when it comes to your wedding.

You Can’t Take Them with You

Even though you might take your laptop or iPad everywhere, I’d recommend you not carry it down the aisle. On your wedding day, you won’t appreciate needing to lug around and turn to a computer screen at the salon, hotel, church, reception venue…

The Don’t Execute Your Wedding

A planner’s job culminates on your wedding day. Placing flowers, setting up favors, ensuring that the soup you selected is correct – all that can only happen in-person. Computers and online sites don’t have arms…making it pretty clear that they can’t execute the specifics that make your day unique.