Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It’s a Shoe-In

I love shoes. Yesterday, “Jeopardy!” had a category about shoes, of which I correctly answered every question. (Yes, I’m only 33, but there are slim pickings of things to watch on TV while I make dinner.)

Since it was the day before I normally post an article on the Bridal Times and since I was thinking about shoes, I was reminded me of one of HJ’s favorite venders: MyGlass Slipper.

Why do we love this site? Because it’s one of the best (and only) websites to find top designer wedding shoes together in one place.

Over the past few years, shoes have become an extra-special accessory for most brides. Not only are they showing up in different colors (red, pink or blue (hey, that’s her something blue!)), but also in different fabrics and adorned with a variety of décor. Nowadays, even traditional white bridal shoes are no longer boring with their accompanying jewels, sequins and bows. As brides become increasingly more stylish and individual in what they wear, shoes are one of the ways in which they display their personality or fashion sense. In fact, shoes are one of the purchases that most brides take the longest amount of time pondering while planning their wedding. I, for example, selected flowers, programs and invitations in less time than I took to purchase my wedding shoes.

When selecting shoes for their big day, brides should consider heel height and width, toe-box width and overall shoe width. Toe-box width refers to the amount of space at the front of the shoe; in this case, a little extra is good (note, only a little!) because most bride’s feet swell sometime during their wedding due to their having been on their feet for so long.

Regardless of the shoe type or color a bride selects, however, the most important thing to remember is that they must be purchased before the fitting in which her gown will be hemmed. Shoe height directly impacts gown length, and gown length affects a gown’s drape and appearance. Therefore, heel height is the one unchangeable aspect of a bride’s wardrobe: what shoes a bride wears to a fitting must be the ones she wears on the day of her wedding.

To help our brides and readers select the perfect shoe, we are in the awesome position of offering a giveaway for My Glass Slipper. For only a week (1/23-1/30), Bridal Times readers can visit the store’s site and leave a comment on the page of the pair of shoes they like explaining why they are the perfect shoes for their wedding. Doing so is as simple as 1) perusing the website to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes and 2) selecting the “Contact Us” link in the middle of the page to generate an email and 3) identifying the style number and name of shoes you love in the subject line writing about why the pair is perfect for you in the body of the email. The individual with the best, most creative comment receives a $50.00 gift card to be used towards the purchase of that pair of shoes.

But wait, it gets better!

Bridal Times readers can also like My Glass Slipper on Facebook and follow the store on Twitter for additional entries.

So what are you waiting for, readers? It’s time to go shoe shopping!