Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Interview Nobody Hates

Most of the world hates job interviews. They’re awkward, uncomfortable and chock-full of multiple people boasting about their accomplishments while simultaneously trying to determine just what the other person is about.

However, as those of you who have been reading us for some time know, there’s an exception to every rule (and if there’s not and our couple is unhappy, HJ will create one!).

In this instance, the exception to the general dislike of interviews is the interviews for with selecting wedding vendors. Unlike other types of interviews, wedding vendor interviews are ridiculously fun!

Vendor interviews are the complete opposite of a job interview. In a job interview, everyone is unsure of whether the two respective parties are a good fit. In a vendor interview, the couple and vendor either fit or don’t, but that decision is made either during the interview or immediately afterwards.

In a vendor interview, a couple (and whomever else they’ve brought with them) gets to check out samples of the vendor’s work, thereby eliminating the need to try to figure out if the vendor is exaggerating their capabilities. In turn, the vendor gets to talk about how skilled they are, show off those skills and discuss just what they think they can do for the couple on their big day – things most vendors find ridiculously fun. In a vendor interview everyone wins!

The best part about a vendor interview, however, is that there are very few circumstances when a couple leaves one confused about whether they should hire the vendor. The fact that the vendor’s work can be literally viewed (read = here’s my work and here’s me, do you like?) rarely leaves a couple wondering if they and the vendor are a good fit. Therefore, even if it takes one or two interviews with different vendors, most couples know the specific vendor they want to hire and are comfortable with their decision.

The best way HJ can explain this phenomenon is that couples just know when they’ve found the right vendor. Be it a floral arrangement that exceeds their dreams, an estimate that falls below budget, an idea for décor that is so creative it blows their mind or the most beautiful wedding dress the bride has ever seen, couples often just FEEL that it’s the right vendor.

If we could teach feelings we would, but we can’t. Therefore, the best advice we can give when selecting a vendor is to seriously consider your immediate reaction when leaving your meeting with him or her. If you were unimpressed by their work, interest in your event or level of creativity, it’s quite likely that vendor is not the one for you. If you were overwhelmed by their ideas, it’s also quite likely that the vendor is not the one for you.

If, however, you walk away comfortable and looking forward to putting that little “check” in the box next to that vendor to mark your selection as made, it’s MORE THAN LIKELY that you’ve found your vendor.

Because vendor interviews are the task that most couples spend most time completing while planning their nuptials, it’s a very good thing that they’re fun. Fun jobs = fun times = fun experience. And that’s what wedding planning should be – fun!