Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sexy Budgets

Really? So you say...but you, too, can make your budget one spicy piece of work. And something to make your bride-to-be friends jealous.

Before diving into bouquets, banquet orders, and bridesmaid dresses, BUDGET!

Follow me on a numbers journey...

Step 1: Go online (or ask your planner) for a wedding budget sheet. HJ uses a detailed, 4 page document, which includes every possible aspect of the wedding that will pull funds from your reluctant wallet.

Step 2: Ask your fiancé to spend an hour of his/her time to discuss the wedding as a whole. This is good practice for financing that first house and making real life money decisions.

Step 3: Be honest! Don't fill in $500 for your reception flowers if you know you want Amaryllis and Asiatic Lilies in all of your centerpieces. Note: You may not know what certain items, like flowers, catering, etc., will cost. A great starting point is to get at least two itemized quotes from two different vendors to get an idea of what you'll need to budget and where you can save.

Step 4: Add it up and eliminate. If your total budget is $40,000 and your budget sheet comes out to $45,000, go back and make changes. Opt for fewer hours of an open bar, less transportation, all in-season flowers, etc.

It's not easy to sacrifice, but you'll know where you stand financially from the beginning and can make wise wedding decisions accordingly. If you're really struggling with the budget, call a planner. Many, like HJ, offer the option of à la carte services such as budget meetings. We're here to help. Budget stress be gone!