Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Quite Like J-Lo

In a city where everyone wants to know which Hill office you work in, telling a stranger that you’re a wedding planner raises eyebrows. Most common response: “Oh, you’re like J-Lo!”

Cringe inside. Tight smile.

“Kind of; except for the stealing fiancés part.”

Heather and I came together over our love of throwing parties to create HJ Wedding Planners. While studying for her law degree at George Washington University and planning the weddings of her mother and a childhood friend, Heather conceived the idea of starting a wedding planning business and asked me (erstwhile lobbyist and caterer, hostess with the mostest, and general “creative person”) to go into business with her. After navigating the vagaries of obtaining business licenses and creating LLCs in DC (for which you need not only a law degree, but the tenacity of a bull dog and the patience of Job), we’re in business.

We’ve started this blog to keep you posted on what we do and what we’re up to, ideas we’ve come across, and as a shameless marketing ploy. And to entertain you! Just like J-Lo!